WHAT IS Memoirs of a Preacher?

This blog, Memoirs of a Preacher, is not just a journal of my journey and experience after being a full time church worker.

This blog is a reminder that 'preachers' like us are also human and have our own flaws. We are not perfect and we are not superman. We may try to do things out of the ordinary but that is just because of our passion for the work.

Every preacher, just like any other human being in this planet, has his own issue in life. To sum up everything, you and me and all those who serve in the work of the Lord, we are all sinners and we "fall short of the glory of God".

Praise God because we are saved by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast. I cannot boast of myself, and I think no body can.


Thursday, July 30, 2009


One Thursday afternoon, my family and I were watching a movie starred by Nicolas Cage. The movie was entitled "Knowing".

The story was about a man (Nicolas Cage) who has a son who got an envelope from a time capsule in school. This envelope, along with other envelopes distributed to other kids in that school, were written or drawn by students of that school 50 years in the past. The man (Nicolas Cage) saw the paper which his son got and, on that seem useless night, realized that what was written on that paper was a prediction of major disasters in the world. In it was written the date, location, and the number of people who will die in that disaster. So far, all the predictions came true for the last 50 years.

The climax of the story was him knowing the exact day "everyone else" will die - the end of mankind.

While we were watching this, my son Matthew just said, "Dad, people have a lot of problem, right?"

That statement really strucked me because, even if I knew that problem is eminent to people, my son said it in a deeper yet profound way that would make you think again.

People do have problems...

John 12:31 "Now judgment is upon this world..."

Who doesn't have problems and conflicts and sorrows? I guess the hardest thing to having problem is not really the problem itself but KNOWING.

KNOWING the possible effects and results of a problem. This is what bothers us! We worry because we know there will be consequences. How good is it to not know and just accept things the way it is as God allows it.

I guess this is why God did not give us the ability to see the future. If so, then there will be more chaos. People worry about the things they do not know, how much more if they already know what will happen? And even if we know the future, we do not have the power and ability to control it. Even if we have the power to control it, we do not have the ability to do the wise things...OUR WISDOM IS FOOLISHNESS TO GOD!