WHAT IS Memoirs of a Preacher?

This blog, Memoirs of a Preacher, is not just a journal of my journey and experience after being a full time church worker.

This blog is a reminder that 'preachers' like us are also human and have our own flaws. We are not perfect and we are not superman. We may try to do things out of the ordinary but that is just because of our passion for the work.

Every preacher, just like any other human being in this planet, has his own issue in life. To sum up everything, you and me and all those who serve in the work of the Lord, we are all sinners and we "fall short of the glory of God".

Praise God because we are saved by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast. I cannot boast of myself, and I think no body can.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grace after Grace

25 April 2009

If I would look back with regret the time when I was on top of my pedestal, I would be disappointed and enrage. I would remember the pride of my accomplishments and would recollect how those around me have envied me. I would recall what I used to be and the things that I used to have and as I reminisce them it would also bring to mind how I lost all of the things that I have established for years in just a small number of mistakes. That memory is never a pleasant thing to remember. Yes it isn’t; not unless I look at the other side of the coin.

But if I look back at these things with thanksgiving, I see it in a different way! I see how God has provided in all things and how He has leaded us. I also see that the Bible is indeed true that pride leads to destruction and my situation has humbled me and I know this pleases God. I feel closer to my family and to God in this time of crisis. I have never prayed so earnestly to God that when we are in the storm of our lives. My faith is being tested and I know that when tested in fire it will come out more precious than gold or silver.

In the end, it is not the suffering that really matters; what really matters here is the lessons that we learn so we can do more for God than we have before. God never uses a vessel of personal honor but God uses a broken vessel to let others know that He is great and that He is full of grace.