WHAT IS Memoirs of a Preacher?

This blog, Memoirs of a Preacher, is not just a journal of my journey and experience after being a full time church worker.

This blog is a reminder that 'preachers' like us are also human and have our own flaws. We are not perfect and we are not superman. We may try to do things out of the ordinary but that is just because of our passion for the work.

Every preacher, just like any other human being in this planet, has his own issue in life. To sum up everything, you and me and all those who serve in the work of the Lord, we are all sinners and we "fall short of the glory of God".

Praise God because we are saved by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast. I cannot boast of myself, and I think no body can.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear friends,

Most of you already know that I have resigned from Mactan COC many months ago. I have left the congregation, whom I loved and have sacrificed my life for, in somewhat selfish reason. In a way, I see myself as Moses who has ran away to Midian after taking into his hands the salvation of one Israelite without understanding fully the power of God.

Although I have always believed in the power and grace of God, there was a time in my ministry where I took matters in to my hands without waiting on God. I feel that there is so much I can do for God in His church that I forgot about God's plan for His church instead of mine. In my busyness in the ministry I forgot that planting a seed needs patience and process and that I may plant the seed but it is still God who will make it grow.

Like Moses in Midian, I find myself in a place where I feel so useless; I work in a company where my ability and talent seems to be going to waste. It's been nine months now that I have been like this...where the glory of my past seems nothing anymore. I guess that is part of the I do not know if I can still do the same powerful sermon that I used to I do not know if I can still manage or administer in a church like I used to. I don't know anymore if I can be as good as I did before...BUT I think that is exactly the point. Because we can never serve our of giftedness but out of brokeness.

Lately, in my quiet time with God, I feel the burden to finish what I have started in Iloilo City. The work in that city may be another failure as some people may think but I don't know why I feel the burden to go back there and finish what God has allowed us to do there years seems that the work there was never over yet. Perhaps, God has a plan for Iloilo but I wanted to be sure that God has work for me there so I can join His work there.

Help me pray for guidance and clear vision from God. I do not want to be deluded with just mere feelings. If this is God's will, in His time, He will reveal it. And if it is time for Him to use me again in the missionfield, be it in Iloilo or somewhere else, I know He will provide for us a way to do it where support will overflow from people as God moves them.

Again, I write to you because I consider you a big part of mine and my family's life. I need you to pray for this and to give us counsel as needed.

God bless you.

In Christ,