WHAT IS Memoirs of a Preacher?

This blog, Memoirs of a Preacher, is not just a journal of my journey and experience after being a full time church worker.

This blog is a reminder that 'preachers' like us are also human and have our own flaws. We are not perfect and we are not superman. We may try to do things out of the ordinary but that is just because of our passion for the work.

Every preacher, just like any other human being in this planet, has his own issue in life. To sum up everything, you and me and all those who serve in the work of the Lord, we are all sinners and we "fall short of the glory of God".

Praise God because we are saved by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast. I cannot boast of myself, and I think no body can.


Monday, June 29, 2009

A Public Confession

This is my public confession and I hope people would either understand or learn from this...or maybe both. There was a time in my life when God called me to do ministry work, to do what He intends me to do. For many years He has prepared me for His work, giving me all the experience I needed. He came when I was broken and at that time I was ready to kneel down and say "Here I am, Lord, send me".

My obedience has made me experience a deeper relationship with Him. I have gone through storms and shipwrecks in my life during those years that I have been working side-by-side with Him BUT He's strength was made strong during my weaknesses and I was rich even though I was poor because of His sufficient grace.

Time came that all these accomplishments has gone to my head and then came the time when I became half hearted. Not that I have become half hearted with my work in the ministry BUT half hearted in my dependence on Him. I relied on my capacity forgetting that I could not have done the things I have accomplished without Him. I have disobeyed Him and have followed my own in the ministry. I have made a major decision in life that was a great turning point.

This man that others called "faithful servant"...this man that others depended on for counseling and spiritual guidance has failed and have sinned.

Today, I confess my sin of PRIDE. I could have done this a long time ago but it took me months of hardship and living on my own will before I can even accept my sin. I publicly confess my sin as a gesture of accepting in and moving on to my journey back to God's will.

In the end, it is in serving Him that we find more joy and freedom in life. I was designed to be a servant of God and today I kneel back to Him asking Him to guide me back to His will.